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Find yourself in Spain...

Yoga retreat to find yourself in an idyllic beautiful place, surrounded by nature with Yin Yoga to be in contact with yourself and nature and Yang Yoga to start the day with Sun Salutations, meditation, silence walk, tea ceremony and delicious Mediterranean healthy food, to plunge yourself into the Spanish feeling .....with wonderful moments for yourself too and an apartment first line at sea with an amazing view..... 

Yin Yoga: experience your subtle energy - Chi - working with the 12 meridians

With Yin Yoga we stimulate the connective tissue and thus also the meridians, we can remove blockages and / or leaks in the meridians and let the energy flow freely again.

When you remove a stone from the water, the water can flow freely again.

At Yin Yoga we work with the five element theory.

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

Each element is connected to the corresponding meridians, seasons, colors, emotions, organ clock, and physical reactions. Yin Yoga poses help to restore Chi